Our natural handmade ear candles are used to create balance of pressure in the eardrum, or if you just want a relaxing treat.  A gentle massage drains and relaxes the face, soothing the sinus, ears and head. suitable for all seasons and ages.

40min : 29



Our experienced and highly qualified therapist will adapt this para medical and ancient foot and lower leg treatment to provide you with an incredibly relaxing and effective treatment. Working on the overall balance of the body and the mind. This treatments begins with a cleansing of the feet followed by digital pressure points on specific reflex points. We work in harmony with clients currently under going treatment with their general practitioner and physiotherapist, and do not any way undermine medical advice. (some contra indications exist)

45min : 42


This is one of our most popular treatments for all ages, and is a great starting point for newcomers to holistic therapies. Your therapist will begin with a cleansing of the skin as in a traditional facial, this is then followed by a relaxing, anti stress shiatsu facial massage working on tension points. You are the focus;  the rebalancing of all your upper body energy, communication and creativity is visible evident in a more relaxed countenance

45min : 42


This ancient ritual is created to strengthen upper body chakra communication, re enforcing a sense of self worth and deep contentment. unique massage, seated  comfortably with your feet up, enjoy a relaxing massage of your head, neck, shoulders, upper back and upper arms using nourishing oils. We can adapt this treatment using aromatherapy.  

45min : 42

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